Thermodynamics of Materials

                   Materials Process Design

                   Non-Metallic Materials

                   Electrochemical Processing of Materials (at MIT, TUNS, DalTech,

                   Kinetics of Materials  Processing

                   Materials Engineering Project (supervised 200 B.Eng. project
                   students to date)

                   Extraction of Materials



Electrochemical Processing of Materials

Advanced Materials Science

Selected Topics in Process Metallurgy

Directed Studies in Metallurgical Engineering

Advanced Process Metallurgy



1990-1998            Undergraduate Studies Committee

1990-2005            Department Heads Committee

1992-1993            Graduate Studies Committee

1994                     CIDA Programs, TUNS Grant Review Committee

1994-1997             Senate, TUNS

1997-2000             Academic Council Steering, DalTech

1997-1998             TUNS/Dalhousie Amalgamation Coordinating

1997-2000             Vice-Chair, Senate, Dalhousie University

1997-2000             Academic Priorities and Budget Committee,
                             Senate, Dalhousie University

1997-2000             Steering Committee, Senate, Dalhousie University

2000-present          Chair, Committee of the Directors of the Faculty
                             Research Centres

2000-2003             Founding member, Steering Committee, Institute
                             for Research in Materials (IRM), Dalhousie

2001-2002             Senate Academic Appeals Committee

2001-2005             Chair, Faculty of Engineering Space Committee
                             (proposed and designed a signature building for
                             Engineering Innovation)

2009-2013             Chair, Faculty of Engineering Graduate Studies

2010-2013             Elected member, Faculty Council, Faculty of
                             Graduate Studies.
2009-2013             Coordinator, Graduate Studies, Department of
                             Process Engineering and Applied
(Department comprises Biological
                             Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
                             Environmental Engineering, Materials
                             Engineering, and Food Science)


Refereed Scientific Journals                   over  100
Refereed Conference Proceedings                     61
Books (Chapters, Editor)                                   9
Invited Plenary Presentations                           24
Confidential Research Publications*                  14
General Motors Publications                               5
Special Professional Contributions                     10

*GENERAL MOTORS PUBLICATIONS:  Author or co-author in fourteen (14) research reports or memoranda prepared for General Motors Corporation the quality of which is equivalent to publications in a refereed journal.  These reports are on the subject of the development of processes to produce rare earth metals or alloys which are strategic to the manufacturing of (Rare Earth)-Fe-B permanent magnets and on the development of electrolytic processes for the production of  magnesium metal. Due to proprietary confidential information contained in these reports the titles of the reports cannot be announced outside the General Motors Corporation (Letters supporting this statement are available).

Patent: G.J. Kipouros, “Sub-coating coated metal corrosion measurement”, U.S. Patent 8,926,823, January 6, 2015.  A patent on the corrosion of pipelines under insulation (CUI).



2017                     Visiting Professor, International Center for Sustainable Materials, Institute of Industrial         Science, the University of Tokyo.

 2007                     Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Fellowship,

                             Visiting Professor, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for
                            Advanced Materials, Tohoku University, 1,1 Katahira, 2
                            -Chome, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577, Japan;

                            Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo,
                            Space Energy and Resources, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

2006-present         Foreign Cooperative Researcher (Adjunct Professor),
                            International Research Center for Sustainable Materials,
                            Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo,

2002-03                Visiting Professor, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for
                            Advanced Materials, Tohoku University, 1,1 Katahira, 2
                            -Chome, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577, Japan.

2001-05                Technical Advisor, Canadian International Development
                            Agency (CIDA),“Boiler Emission Upgrade Project”, a
                            partnership between a consortium of Dalhousie University/GRI
                            Research and CIDA to improve the efficiency and environmental
                            performance of existing boilers in India.  A
                            project budgeted for $2,500,000.

1998-04                Advisor, NATO Science for Peace Program, 971858,
                            “Improvement of the Technological Parameters in the
                            Electrochemical Production of Mg-Nd Alloys from oxyfluoride
                            media (Hitech Alloys”, a partnership involving,
                            FORTH (Greece), IMNR (Romania), NEFERAL (End-User
                            Romania), GIREDMET (Russia). A project budgeted for

1998-05                Faculty Consultant, Mehran University of Engineering and
                            Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. At the
                            invitation of Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Memon, I visited MUET and
                            helped solidify the scientific collaboration of two institutions,
                            namely MUET and Pakistan Steel, and I initiated graduate
                            students exchange between MUET and DalTech. I remained a
                            faculty consultant for MUET and  planned to expand the
                            collaboration in other than metallurgical areas of research.

1995-96                Faculty Consultant, Corporate Magnesium Center, General
                            Motors Research and Development Center, Warren, MI 48090,
                            USA.   See industrial experience

1993-98                Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering &
                            Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature
                            Chemical Processes, University of Patras, Patras, Greece.

                            During the summer months of 1993, I visited the Institute and
                            initiated a research program on the electrodeposition of refractory
                            and rare earth metals. Through research grant and a subsequent
                            travel grant from the Secreteriat of Research and Development of the
                            Greek Government I was able to monitor the progress of the
                            graduate students.

1993 Summer        Visiting Professor, Institute of Inorganic  Chemistry,  
                             Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim,
                             Trondheim,  Norway.

                             Using funds provided by SINTEF, Dr. Terje Ostvold invited me to
                             initiate a program related to the determination of the solubility of
                             oxides in molten chloride salts using a LECO instrument, a technique
                             which I had developed previously in General Motors. The program
                             has been expanded to other oxide systems and is presently used for
                             the NATO science for peace project.



1994                     G.J. Kipouros and D.R. Sadoway, "Molten Salts: Chemistry and
                             Practice", TMS Tutorial Luncheon Lecture
, February 28, 1994,
                            TMS Annual Meeting, February 27-March 2, 1994, Moscone Center-
                            San Francisco, California.

1995                     G.J. Kipouros and D.R. Sadoway, "Molten Salts: Fundamentals and
                             Industrial Applications",
 TMS Short Course, Sponsored by Light
                            Metals Division, February 11, 1995, TMS Annual Meeting, Las Vegas,

1996                     G.J. Kipouros, “Magnesium Industrial Practice”, A week long
                            course to Professionals and Managers at General Motors Research
                            and  Development Center, Warren, Michigan.

1997                     G.J. Kipouros and D.R. Sadoway, "Molten Salts: Fundamentals and
                             Industrial Applications",
 TMS Short Course, Sponsored by Light
                            Metals Division, February 3, 1996, TMS Annual Meeting, Anaheim,
                            California.  Evaluation of the short course material and presentation
                            by the attendees was the highest ever reported in the TMS Short
                            Course history.

1998                     G.J. Kipouros and D.R. Sadoway, “Molten Salts: Bath Chemistry
                             and Process Design in 
Aluminum, Magnesium and Lithium“,
                            TMS short course, sponsored by Light Metals Division, February 14,
                            1998.  TMS Annual Meeting San Antonio, Texas

1999                     G.J. Kipouros and D.R. Sadoway, “Molten Salts: Bath Chemistry
                             and Process Design in Aluminum, Magnesium and Lithium 
                            TMS short course, sponsored by Light Metals Division, February 27,
                            1999.  TMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, California.

2000                     G.J. Kipouros, D.R. Sadoway, and C. Edward Eckert, “Molten Salts
                             Chemistry and 
Process Design: from Smelter to Foundry” TMS
                            short course, sponsored by Light Metals Division, March 11-12,
                            129th TMS Annual Meeting, in Nashville, Tennessee.

2007                     G.J. Kipouros “Molten Salt Chemistry and Process Design in
                             Aluminum, Magnesium, Calcium and Lithium Production”.  
                            two day short course organized by the University of Tokyo for
                            professionals and executives from the industry, October 2007.


The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), and Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM):

2002-present      Materials Science Committee, MetSoc, CIM
1997-02              Education Committee, Light Metals Division, TMS (ABET 2000)
1994-97              Student Affairs Committee, Light Metals Division, TMS
1993-02              Light Metals Division, Council member, TMS
1993-95              Chair,  Reactive Metals Committee, TMS
1992-93              Vice-Chair, Reactive Metals Committee, TMS


Visiting Committees: Chair, in many NSERC  IRC, Design and APC visiting committees and Department, Program, university quality review committees in Canadian and International universities.

2012                Chair, Short courses, COM 2012, Niagara Falls, Ontario, September 30 –
                       October 3, 2012.

2012                Co-Chair, COM 2012, Corrosion and Degradation, Niagara Falls, Ontario,
                       September 30 – October 3, 2012.

2010                Co-Chair, COM 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia, October 3 – 6, 2010.
2008                Chair, Short courses, COM 2008, Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 24 – 28,

2003                 Chair, 15th Canadian Materials Science Conference, Dalhousie University,
                        Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 6-10, 2003.

2002                 Vice-Chair, 14th Canadian Materials Science Conference, University of
                         Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 7-9, 2002.

1999- 2001        Advisor to the Editorial Board, Mehran University Research Journal of
                         Engineering and Technology (Quarterly).

1999-2002         American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers
                         (AIME) Environmental Conservation Distinguished Award Board.

1997- pres.        International Editorial Board, High Temperature Materials and Processes,
                         Freund Publishing House Ltd, London, England.

1997-2000         Chair, Canadian Metallurgy/Materials Education Council, Board comprising
                         the Department Heads, Chairpersons, Directors and Group Leaders of
                         Metallurgy/Materials Academic Programs in Canadian Universities.

1997- 2002         Member, Board of Examiners, Association of Professional Engineers of
                          Nova Scotia (APENS).

1993-1997          JOM (formerly Journal of Metals) Special Advisor.
1993-pres.          Key Reviewer, Materials and Metallurgical Transactions.
1993-1995          Member, Executive, TUNS Faculty Association (TUNSFA).