9/00–8/13    Director, Minerals Engineering Centre, DalTech, Halifax, N.S.

As Director, Minerals Engineering Centre, I was responsible for the fiscal and administrative matters and to provide leadership in a wide variety of research and service activities related to resource and minerals industries.

I focused  on expanding the research activities of the centre in the areas of materials, offshore drilling, environmental and power generation sectors.


·                  Established an industry university partnership for a pilot plant to be
        used for 
heavy metals separation. 

·                   Established a web page for the Minerals Engineering Centre to
        promote the 
business and expand its clientelle beyond the Atlantic

·                   Signed a long term contract with industry (Titanium Corporation) that
the Minerals Engineering Centre with new equipment worth
        $1,000,000 in the field 
of magnetic heavy metals separation. Titanium
        Corporation is presently part of 
a consortium with Suncrude and
        another pigment manufacturer to apply the 
method developed at
        Dalhousie to Athabasca oil sands. 

        Through a metallurgical investigation plan for Steel Dynamics Inc. a
        program of 
modifying metallurgical slags using recycled materials from
        the aluminum production 
industry has been established. Two
        undergraduate Co-op students have helped transfer the laboratory
        results to the steel casting plant.  

7/99–present    Carbide/Graphite Group, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

                “The use of alternative admixtures in blast furnace iron desulfurizers used for
                industrial hot metal treatment processes”.

7/98–7/02    GKN Sinter Metals, Various consulting activities related to the quality of the aluminum powder and the manufacturing of powder metallurgical automotive parts.

7/96– 7/02    ConsultantPhysical Chemistry Department, General Motors Research and Development  Center, Warren, Michigan 48090, U.S.A.        

                Directed large scale industrial trials to explore the possibility of developing new
                processes to produce magnesium metal and alloys and to purify recycled metal
                and make it suitable for re-use. Continued to evaluate technologies for producing
                magnesium metal.

7/95–7/96    Faculty ConsultantCorporate Magnesium Center, General Motors Research and Development  Center, Warren, Michigan 48090, U.S.A.

·            Developed a process to produce high purity magnesium and
            magnesium alloys

   ·            Designed and conducted scale-up experiments to determine the
              parameters necessary 
for technology transfer.

   ·                            Directed the efforts to transfer the process to the industrial plant by
              partnership with 
an aluminum producer.

   ·              Evaluated alternative processes for the production of magnesium

4/89–present    Various consulting research activities involving:

Carbide Industries PLC

9/85–4/89    Senior Research Scientist, Department of Physical Chemistry, General Motors Research and Development Center, Warren, Michigan 48090, U.S.A.

        ·                    Developed a process to produce neodymium-iron alloy which is
               essential in the production of neodymium-iron-boron permanent
               magnets for the innovative switched reluctance and permanent
               magnet motors.

·           Designed and conducted scale-up experiments to determine the
        parameters necessary 
for technology transfer.

·           Developed methods for regenerating and recycling the reactants and
        treating the by 

·           Transferred successfully the process to the plant of MAGNEQUENCH
        SBU in Anderson, Indiana.

10/82–9/85    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.

While on staff, I carried out on a continuous basis consulting services for members of the Industrial Liaison Office such as:

Carried out consulting services for members of the Industrial Liaison Office on a continuous basis such as:

·          Dow Chemical Co., Development of molybdenum coatings for
         corrosion control.

·          Corning Glass, Electrodeposition of molybdenum coatings on
         carbon electrodes for use
 in glass making operations.

9/1972– /1974    Acting Head, Bureau of Studies, Permanent Committee for Receiving Ammunition, Greek Armed Forces at PYRKAL Ltd., Athens, Greece.

·             Supervise the quality control team for the testing of materials and
        final products.

·                  Attend acceptance tests of the final products  according to
        specifications (FED-STD and MIL-STD).

·                   Inspect and approve revisions of original drawings requested by
        production manager.

·                   Act as liaison between the Permanent Committee for the Receiving
        Ammunition (MEPP) and the Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group in
        Greece (JUSMAGG) on technical matters