The research interests of Prof. G.J. Kipouros lie in the fields of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering - both in fundamental science and engineering applications, in the field of value-added metallurgy, and in the area of Chemistry and Processing of Materials.

Primary interest is the electrochemical engineering of molten salt electrolysis.  Specific areas of fundamental research are the thermodynamic, electrochemical and spectroscopic properties of reactive metal halide systems as apply to the production of the metals or coating of the metals.  Recycling of reactive metals. Utilization of minerals in metal matrix composites.  Metals of interest include the light, refractory and rare earth groups.

Electrochemical aspects of copper and nickel production from aqueous solutions.  Application of potentiodynamic techniques, cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in the investigation of passivation and corrosion of materials.

A major interest is also the development and processing of powder metallurgy (P/M) light metals alloys as a means to sustainability of parts manufacturing. Modeling of processes used in the production of P/M automotive components as well as study of mechanical properties are areas of interest. Surface engineering and its role in the corrosion protection of reactive metals P/M alloys is examined.

Secondary interest in the engineering applications include the development of electrochemical sensors for use in the process control and optimization of high temperature chemical processes.

In the area of materials science and engineering the interest is in the study of the chemical stability of the interface between the second phase modification agent and the metal matrix in the composites and powder metallurgy alloys. The application of potentiodynamic techniques, cyclic voltammetry and impedance spectroscopy in the investigation of the corrosion of boride coatings on the sufrace of powder metallurgy alloys.

Also the application of the scientific principles in the study and the development of phase-change materials. As a corollary of these studies the electrodeposition of metal matrix composites is also under investigation.

The primary value-added metallurgy component of the research explores the potential application of certain naturally-occurring industrial mineral fibres/whiskers/particulates as reinforcement in metal-matrix composites.  The use of certain minerals benification wastes as additives to metallurgical processes or as reinforcement in metal-matrix composites are also investigated. A secondary component of the research interests refer to the use of minerals in the development of inexpensive phase-change materials (PCM) for thermal storage.


Refereed Scientific Journals                            100
Refereed Conference Proceedings                     61
Books (Chapters, Editor)                                   8
Invited Plenary Presentations                           23
Confidential Research Publications*                  14
General Motors Publications                               5
Special Professional Contributions                     10

*GENERAL MOTORS PUBLICATIONS:  Author or co-author in fourteen (14) research reports or memoranda prepared for General Motors Corporation the quality of which is equivalent to publications in a refereed journal.  These reports are on the subject of the development of processes to produce rare earth metals or alloys which are strategic to the manufacturing of (Rare Earth)-Fe-B permanent magnets and on the development of electrolytic processes for the production of  magnesium metal. Due to propriatory confidential information contained in these reports the titles of the reports cannot be announced outside the General Motors Corporation (Letters supporting this statement are available).

Patent: G.J. Kipouros, “Sub-coating coated metal corrosion measurement”, U.S. Patent 8,926,823, January 6, 2015.  A patent on the corrosion of pipelines under insulation (CUI).




21  Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

37  Master Students

14  PhD Students

4   Visiting Professors







University of Saskatchewan

Start up grant

Research grant





$ 5,000

$ 25,000/y

NSERC Operating/Discovery

















NSERC Equipment


(with J.M. Lee)



$ 31,500

$ 27,545


NSERC,  Strategic grant

Hot Forging of Emerging Aluminum Powder Metallurgy Alloys 
(with D.P. Bishop, W.F. Caley and GKN Metals )







NSERC, MFA grant

Materials Characterization Facility
(with M.A.White & others)




$ 133,000

$ 160,000

$ 160,000

Industry Grants



Carbide/Graphite Group (with W.F. Caley)


$10,000 US

Carbide/Graphite Group (with W.F. Caley)



GKN Sinter Metals (with W.F. Caley)



Steel Dynamics



Travel Grant:Going Global Europe 1992




$ 4,000

$ 5,000

Greek Ministry of Research



NATO Science for peace




Atlantic Innovation Fund

Passivation layers

Alloy Development 

(with D.P. Bishop and W.F. Caley)






$ 60,000

Materials Network, Alloy Development

(with D.P. Bishop and W.F. Caley)




$ 13,000

User Access Facility to Materials Technology
Laboratory of  CANMET (with David Wilkinson,
McMaster & others)

Pilot project







Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada (PRAC)

Advanced Ceramic-Metal Composites for Demanding Corrosion-Wear Environments
(with K. Plucknett, Z, Farhat)





NameDegree TitleYear
(i) Current
Yuan DingM.A.ScElectroplating/electrolees plating2017, Dalhousie U.
Afolaabi Ayeni Ph.D. Mineral processing2019
William JudgePh.D.Rare earth extraction2019 Move to U of T
Abulmaali TaherVisiting ProfessorCorrosion of pipelines2017
(ii) Recent Graduates  

 Zhengwei Xiao Visiting professor Electroplating coatings for pipelines 2016
 Dan Cluff (Dalhousie University) Ph.D. NiTi Shape Memory Alloy 2016
 Simon Lavergne Visiting Energy recovering from wastes 2016
Pierre-Marie  BonduaeuxVisiting  Hydrotechtonics France
 William JudgeM.A.Sc.  Electrochemistry of   aluminum PM alloy 2015
Arthur GuillemotVisitingBiomedical EngineeringFrance
Charles GalliotVisiting Lap splices studyFrance
Ilias LekkasUSRAEIS of Cu/Ni alloysDalhousie
Nicolas GardiesVisitingSurface Engineering and EISFrance
Maxence DubosVisitingSEM analysis of EISFrance
Natacha RostomovVisitingEIS of aluminum PM alloysFrance
Cyril MouleneVisitingBET surface analysis in solidsFrance
Andrew SpencerUSRAContinuous casting mold powdersDalhousie
Taylor MacLellanUSRAMagnesium PM sinteringDalhousie
Abdulwahab IbrahimPh.D.Powder Metallurgy alloys 
Chukwuma Candidus OnuohaPh.D.Corrosion, Wear and Mechanical Properties of Titanium CermetsNewfoundland
Joulien GervaisVisitingSurface EngineeringFrance
Clement RomeroVisitingSurface Engineering of PM alloysConnectible, France
Remy TisseyreVisitingEIS of aluminum PM alloysBosch France
Aurelien KitiaschviliVisitingEIS of magnesium PM alloysBosch France
Sebastien DemouronVisitingSurface EngineeringATR aerospace
Cui LinProfessorElectrochemistry –   Corrosion (Sabbatical Leave from Nanchang Hangkong University, China)2011
D. Clark MurrayM.A.Sc.Nickel Based SuperalloysDahousie
Stephen BuchholzM.A.Sc.Melt Infiltration of Titanium Carbonitride Cermets2011
Melanie HolmesM.A.Sc.Corrosion of Titanium Carbonitride CermetsMining Equipment
Paul BurkePh.D.Development of PM magnesium alloysPost Doctoral; MIT
Julien RoyVisitingCorrosion of powder metallurgy alloysAirbus Toulouse
Claire RigaudVisitingSurface engineering - metrologyFrance
Florian Saint-FebesVisitingThermal effects on sinteringLatec, Toulouse
Gavin SteedmanRes. Assoc.Pycnometry of PM alloysMASC Dal
Winston MosherM.A.Sc.Powder Metallurgy alloysEngineer, Ontario
Chris BolandM.A.Sc.Powder Metallurgy alloysOntario
Sonia YakoubiVisitingThermal effects by DSCNexans, Draveil France
Mathieu LetoVisitingIntermetallics   by DSCTHALES ALENIA SPACE
David WalkerM.A.Sc.Slag modification for steelmakingPhD, McGill
Chloe PetitVisitingFundamentals of powder forgingRatier-Figeac, France
Vincent VuaroqueauxVisitingRole of inert gas in Mg powder metallurgyOTV France Ouest
Michael MosherM.A.Sc.Cr additions to aluminum PM alloysCorrosion Research Alberta
Guillaume LamyVisitingFundamentals of powder forgingHydro Building Systems, France
Abu TaherPh.D.Development of Cu-Ni alloysCorrosion Research Alberta
Jason MilliganRes. AssocDevelopment of heat treatment of aluminum PM  alloysPhD, McGill
Paul BurkeM.A.Sc.Development of PM magnesium alloysPost Doctor MIT
Khalid ShartalM.A.Sc.Anodization of light metalsLibya
Miguel LamsakiM. Eng.Corrosion under insulationOil, Nova scotia
Vianney LaverdiereVisitingMagnesium powder sintering2007
Damien FancelliVisitingMagnesium powder sinteringAirbus Toulouse  
Xichang Shi, Visiting ScientistElectrochemical techniques-anodizationFaculty South Central, Central South University, Changsha,   Hunan, PRC
 (iii) Previous Graduates   
George JarjouraPost DoctoralEIS- Electrochemical measurementsFaculty Dal
Brent PatonM.A.ScDevelopment of Bearing P/M alloys2004
George JarjouraPh. DElectrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyFaculty Dal
Nazila DadvandPh.D.Corrosion of Electroless Ni-P and Ni-B  CoatingsCanada Mint
Paul Bishop (current: Dalhousie Faculty)Ph.D.Diffusion based Micro Alloying of Aluminum Alloy 2O14 with Trace Additions of TinFaculty Dal
Vivek RosarioM.A.ScProduction of Functionally Graded Material by Combustion Synthesis TechniquesEnkei USA
George JarjouraM.A.ScEffect of Nickel on Copper Anode PassivationPh.D.
Paul BishopM.A.ScReaction Sintering of Alloy 2O14/Mineral MixturesGKN Metals
(iv) Undergraduate NSERC Awards (selected)
 Yuan Ding USRA EIS instrumentation Undergraduate student U of S
 Ilias Lekkas USRA EIS of Cu/Ni alloysUndergraduate student Dalhousie 
 Andrew Spencer USRA Continuous casting mold powders Steel Dynamics
 Taylor MacLellan USRA Magnesium PM sintering Emgineer
Greg SweetSlag modification for steelmakingM.A.Sc.
Adam DoylePowder metallurgy of magnesiumCarbide Industries, USA
Eric MoreauCarbide production researchPh.D., MUN
Xavier MichaudRheology of aluminum alloysM.A.Sc, McMaster
Jason MilliganElectrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyPhD, McGill
Kendall DunnettDevelopment of P/M alloysM.A.Sc, McMaster
Anne Marie LampowDevelopment of P/M alloys2002
David WiesgerberDevelopment of Steelmaking admixturesAlberta
Ian Nener,   B.Eng.The processing of P/M alloysXTRATA
Christian Prest, B.Eng.Development of Steelmaking admixturesNova Forge, NS
Melanie MacDonald, B.Eng.Electrorefining of CopperOntario
George Jarjoura, B.Eng.The processing of Alloy 2O14/Spodumene CompositesDAL Faculty
Nina Sampson ,   B.Eng.Prediction of Thermodynamic Properties Using Binary Systems InformationLinamar Ontario
Moira MacLeod,   B.Eng.An Equilibrium Transient Study of Neodymium TrichlorideUSA
Joann Lawless,   B.Eng.The Reinforcement of Zinc Aluminum Alloys with WollastoniteMBA